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Bench Press


Guys, I am a beginner, 19 yrs, so please bear with me. I've been lifting for about 4 months now, and i have a few questions regarding bench press. ( Also, maybe I should add, im 6" 0' and im only 142 lbs )

I bench around 125 lbs. My question is, when you bench, does the barbell touch your chest? What part should it be touching? My friends tell me it should touch the very lower ends of my pecs, others say it should touch your collarbone. I want to know which one is correct.

The reason I'm asking this, is because I have seen some gains on the size of my pecs, however they are only limited to the sides, there is no growth in the middle region. Should I be doing more decline bench press ? Can anyone please explain me mechanics of diff. types of bench press and telling which one is good for what?


Please, posts like this belong to the beginners forum.


Around the lower pacs, where it feels comfy. Do some research kiddo.


You touch the lower pecs, touching the collar bone is just dangerous. And also keep in mind try not to bounce the bar off your chest like a lot of people do. Also, if you want to see good results in your chest size and strength, change it up and switch from barbell to dumbbell every know and then


Why? There are plenty of pro bodybuilders that do this. If your goal is to build your chest, some variations of benching can help develop the muscle. If your a strait power lifter than thats a different story.


I woulda said why is that dangerous as well. Ever heard of neck presses, I see them done on the smith machine but it can also be done with a regular barbell. I feel that a lot more in my chest then I do regular bench where I touch it to my lower chest.


There's a higher risk of injury in the shoulder if you bring the bar above your chest




Read these. If you still have questions then fire away.