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Bench Press

Hi, I’m 16 and weigh 150 pounds im 5,9 and my max bench is 190 pounds. I have to gain 10 pounds and get to 200 by December 23rd. Does anyone have any special workout routine or way to get my bench up fast, like 16 days. Thanks a lot any help will be appreciated.

3-4 times a week do 3x3 with 170lb. Rest for 3-5 min between sets. As long as you’re not tired after the workout you can use more weight, but you should be able to do 3x3 without failure or going all out or whatever - all good form. If 170 is too easy add 5lb. You cannot afford to get exhausted because you need at least three workouts a week. On week two do the same with 170-180lb. Whichever weight feels right and doesn’t exhasut you, use your judgement.

After the workout eat alot of carbs and protein. Drink a liter of apple juice or gatorade etc. You can also take two 250mg magnesium tablets every workout day for better recovery. And in general eat more calories. An easy approach is eat the exact same way you always do, but get an extra carton of whole milk and sip it down with a straw during the day. Just eat significantly more, it’s essential.

The point of this scheme is that you work with a high percentage of your 1rep max(190lb) very frequently and get used to it without getting tired. In two weeks you should be able to bench 200 at least once.

Thanks alot w2097 so i shood just do 3x3 with 170 and thats it, dont do any other chest exercise.

Dave Tate’s Bench Press 600 Lbs article has both training tips and techique tips.
With such a short time, you might find that just a tweak to your techique might put you up to 200 lbs on your bench.
There are several other Dave Tate articles. Search the articles archive here for ‘bench’ and 3 of the first 6 are Tate articles.
As for gaining 10 lbs, how about putting a 5 lb disc in each pocket of your pants and tighten up your belt at weigh-in? :wink:

Yes, if you want to increase your bench you should bench. The more often heavy weight is in your hands the better. Your body gets used to it and become stronger.

Just DON’T EXHAUST YOURSELF. In other words if you’re huffing and puffing - STOP. That’s exhaustion.

You know that feeling that even when you’re fresh and full of strength, you grab a heavy weight and the first reps feel kind of light even thouhg the weight is heavy? That’s how you should feel after the 3x3 workout. The weight WILL feel pretty heavy, but you will be able to do 3x3 in strict form with 3-5min rest in-between. While benching contract your midsection and grip as hard as you can! Your whole torso and grip must feel like they are one bench-pressing machine.

If 170lb feels too light then switch it up. You must feel that the weight is heavy, but you don’t lift it enough to feel tired. If on the last rep of the third set you feel you can do two more reps - that’s perfect. If, however, you feel like you can do 4-5 more, it’s time to add 10lb.

Thanks alot for all the advice i will be sure to use it i did the 1703x3 and that was pretty good. I was just wondering is benching 200 at 16 weighting 150 good like could i enter competitions or am i quiet a ways away i dont know what would a strong 150 16 year old bench. Thanks again

One thing that will help is set the bar to where you just start to push up. Either fasten the bar down so it won’t move or put enough weight that you can’t budge it no matter what. Push into it really hard and hold the force about a minute in that postion. Rest and then do it again. Do 3 x 10. Do this a couple of times a week. You will be suprised at what you can do, when you are using the bar regular and can move it.

Give dave tates big bad bench artical a read, I am on week 3 of this program and have made great progress.
Good luck