I am a senior in high school and play fullback for my football team. Im 5’10’’ 210 lbs.I am an avid weightlifter.I can squat 550lb and deadlift about 600 lbs however i am having a tough time getting my bench press up.I can work with 315 for about 5. However i do not think thats good enough for a d-1 school. Does any one know a routine that i can do for my bench to impress college coaches?thanx

If you can really squat and dead what you say it shouldn’t matter what you bench. You would be surprised that a lot of d-1 players aren’t that strong. To answer your question there are tons of bench programs out there. You shouldn’t have any problem finding one. BTW, impress the coaches on the field then you won’t have to worry about what you do off of it.

If it’s the bench press that impresses the coaches, then college ball is in serious trouble. Make sure your field skills are top notch, then let THEM develop the strength they want in you.

What planet are you from? Have you looked through the site?

check out Dave Tate’s article on benching in the T-mag previous issues. I think it was called something like "10 tips for bigger bench ". Anyway he’s got some great tips for increasing your bench. As far as impressing college coaches, you can’t drag your bench out on the field with you. I know I’m being a smart ass, but my point is 315x5 is more than strong enough for a d-1 fullback. In fact having a big bench contributes very little to being a good football player. The only thing bench does for football players is help add upper body mass if weight increase is desired. Ya you need the basics like bench, squat and cleans but also focus on functional strength and power work of the type prescribed by Coach Davies. Lastly all the strength and power in the world won’t make you a better football player if you don’t make skill development your top priority. I see so many young football players asking what excercises will help them come out of there stance more explosively or tackle more powerfully. The simple answer is practice coming out of your stance and practice tackling. Repetition is the key to skill development. Get the skills encoded into your neuro system by practicing them over and over.

315 for 5 should put your max in the range of 350-375, which is very good a senior in high school. I have a hard time believing you full squat 550 and deadlift 600 at only 210 lbs. If you can, you’ve got a definite weight room advantage on 99% of other fullbacks. Prove your strong on the field though, not in the bench press.

I don’t think tis is the answer you were hoping for, bu as far as functional strength goes the standing overhead press is much more important to a football player than the bench press is

If you really want to impress them, when they ask what you bench, say “I don’t max out on bench. I can push jerk X amount and have a X strict press.” Especially if you’re talking to the strength coach. Or you can pull the, “Well my bench has been lagging behind my squat and dead, but my power clean and snatch have really been flying up.”

The bench press is the most overated lift in football. Also, benching 315x5 is extremely good for a high school senior. If you can really squat and deadlift what you say you can then your bench is not going to matter.

hey man im playing at a d-1 school next year and the only difference between us is i can get 315 6 times. Just get your speed to at least a 4.75 forty and work on your explosiveness… thats what theyre relly looking for. Is your fullback position a blocking type or a running the ball type? I am the blocking type and they told me i just need to need to be able to explode on someone. You sounds like a stud!

how the hell is benching more gonna help you at fullback. If your numbers are true, then your a real horse. I might throw in some overhead squating to what your currently doin, but then again…

Wow, it looks like you are as strong as Ricky Williams, and about 50 pounds ligher too.

Or, you are just full of shit.

Gonna have to agree with colin on this one.

First, your dedication in the weight room is obviously quite good but as so many have noted - is it appropriate for your goals. Football players are recruited based upon (amongst other things) technical skills on the gridiron and displaying that they possess the explosive power and speed to play at the next level. One common error that many young athletes make is focusing purely on weight room numbers and not applying the same commitment to improving agilty, speed, range of motion and proprioreception. I hope you have also been applying the same work ethic to these traits and all the other facets that make up skill sets needed for football. Another matter you may also wish to consider is exercise selection in the weight room - as I agree with many of the comments made noting, Overhead Press/Squats, Snatch & Cleans. I would be pleased to discuss more if you wish. In faith, Coach Davies

Rickey Williams is only 230-235, not 260.

to echo Coach Davies it’s not all lifting. look on the internet for the draft combines and what they call for.exsample combine bp is 225 for as many as you can do 40 yard dash,vert.jump, broad jump.just a thought but hey by your posted info you rock.

315 for 5 is not that bad, and like what Coach Davies said, what matters most is how you play football, not how much you lift. Plus, it’s not too often in football that you’re on you back pushing up. Keep working your squats, cleans, deads, overhead lifts, and good things will come. However if you are still worried about your bench, check out some of Louie Simmons and Dave Tate’s info. Best of Luck.

your stats are sick for your size. If you doing it naturally then good for you. what you run the 40 in and whats your vertical. That will impress them more. laters pk