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Bench Press with Clap


Came up on my "recommended" list:

but then he got a little cocky:



I wanted to see it fall on him or would have been disappointed with this thread and with the guy in the video. Now in the second video it did fall on him, so I don't know whether to feel satisfied or more angry at the guy for being silly enough to do this.

Oh well, just general hatred I guess. I'll go with that again.








That first clip was cool, he actually could've caught it the second time too, just hand misplacement.








Of all of the things they could ban in gyms, lifting weights without collars on should probably be the number 1 thing they should ban.


Iron Dwarf's first YouTube clip where the kid actually falls through the floor while performing the overhead press had me dying.


HAHA! That's the one part of that vid that gets me the most!




Caught wiping your ass across the floor...



If im lifting on my own, with a relatively heavy weight, having collars on the bar is a lot more dangerous then off.


I am sure there are a lot of guys in New Jersey with STD's bench pressing why is this funny?

Cant see video.


The kid throwing the barbell at her father; and then the kid hitting the dad in the face with a broom while he was benching had me busting up! I can imagine my kids doing those things to me.



The one I posted?

You've probably seen it before. It's the one where the kid is doing decline floor presses, and his dog comes into the frame... dragging his ass as he goes. Funny as hell!

EDIT: DUHHH! I just got your joke, JD! I'm slow today.


^ :slight_smile: We all have our days. Every time I saw the title that is what would pop into my head..

Ronnie or the Situation benching and getting a shot of penicillin in the next shot.