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Bench Press to Neck


What are everyone's thoughts on Bench press to neck. I recently read an article that incoporated this exercise. I have never heard of the technique nor have I have witnessed it being practiced. I was just wondering what peoples opinions were on the exercise, its effectiveness, and any other useful information about it.



What are your goals?

I personally don't like it. But I don't lift for bb purposes. Some claim it stresses the chest more???I think it puts too much stress on the shoulders and limits the weight that can be pushed.

To me, there are so many good/safe exercises out there that I choose to put myself at as little risk as possible. And for me, when I weigh out the benefit analysis, it isn't positive.


It does work your chest more, thats why some people do it.

But it puts your shoulders in a vulnerable position. I would recomend doing it. But if you feel any discomfort in your shoulders, stop immediately.

I vary rarely do them. Because of the delt strain and I have good shoulder flexibility.

Take your hands and put them on opposite shoulders. Raise your elbows up as high as you can. If you feel any pain, don't do that exercise.

Shoulders are the one thing you don't wanna fuck with. If you mess them up, you may never recover.

Be careful.


sounds like an accident waiting to happen, and I would further echo the shoulder concerns. I won't ever be trying this.

If you want more chest strain spread your grip out, it strains the shoulders a little more too but I don't think its as bad.

Tuck your elbows more with more powerlifting form and it keeps your shoulders in a better position anyway.

I bench exclusively that way, my chest has grown a lot recently.


Sounds like it could really tear your shoulders up. I've torn mine up just by using to wide of a grip with my elbows flared out for to long. I've learned the hard way the importance of form long term. Of course this depends on the weight being used also.


Don't bounce it.


I've heard that they're actually more akin to incline benches i.e. taking out the sternal pec. Westside lifters perform a variation on this, the JM Press, which is a close grip bench lowered to about 4" over the throat.


LOL! Good idea


Try doing dynamic bench presses this way with fast eccentric and a thumbless grip.


I did this as part of an Ian King workout. If you've ever done any of his stuff, you know you spend alot of time shoring up your weak points. If I remember correctly, it was done after I had already done some chest work and I finished off with these. I used a super light weight the first time I did it so I wouldn't hurt myself--and I found out even that was too much!! I did it with a super slow cadence. Something like 3-1-2. All I know is it was a very humbling experience and my pecs got sore in a different area.
Try it light and slow and see if it doesn't kick your butt.


Why even do this would be my question?


Maybe Vince Gironda could weigh in here? I believe he was a big proponent of this lift.


Here is the truth.

This is an effective exercise for positive chest developement. But it is also equally efficient in destroying your shoulders.

Only an idiot like myself would atempt to do this lift knowing the harm it could cause you.

Then again I pass out every time i do squats by overloading the bar with more than I can handle.

If you have common sense, don't attempt this rediculis exercise. I have none, thats why I have done it about 3 times in my life.


I know some really good competetive benchers who do it and swear by it.
I however, I HATE it and find it shoulders wrecking.

I think you can potentially loose here more than gain.
I would NOT recomend this on a flat banch PERIOD.


You are redonkulous.


He could if he wasn't dead. I know he used these with his bodybuilders but the technique was very precise and controlled. You would most likely be better off with other methods unless you can get special instruction on this.


I sometimes do this, but ONLY ON INCLINE. Since the bar naturally comes closer to the throat/chin. I usually touch the bottom of my chin, you'll feel a good stretch. Don't go super heavy and take it slow on the way down.

If you have been lifting a while and have strong shoulders, you should be alright. But if there all messed up, don't do this. I don't usually do too many sets of these, because I started feeling them working my shoulders before my chest sometimes.


I would not do this without a spotter incase i didn't get the rep...yeah not a pretty picture