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Bench Press Three Times/Wk?


Currently i train

monday: nothing
tuesday: chest,tricep,front and lateral shoulders, so bench press + squat
wed:back + bis
thurs: legs
friday:same as tues except no squat
saturday:same as wed+ sumo dead
sunday: nothing(currently)

This has been working fine for me for most exercises, been especially making consistent progress on squat but not on bench press, isolated. And seeing as i squat twice and deadlift twice a week, which makes three days where i train the legs, i was thinking of doing the same thing with bench press. adding a session on Sunday where i only bench press.

Do you think this might be problematic in regard to recovery or do you think this will be beneficial? If you think its a good idea, do you think i should train the way i normaly train, or go easy that day?


If you want to improve your bench press why not get on a proven strength program like Jim Wendler's 5/3/1? What are your current numbers on the big 3?


I think you're asking for shoulder issues.

What is your goal it looks like strength from you post, but I can't tell?


107 kg for 3 bench, 120 for 3 squat, 150 for 5 deadlift

been on jim wendlers program before, i think its for advanced lifters i didn't get too much result on it, even when upping the intensity and not deadloading. its just not enough actual lifting

whats wrong with my program?

never had any problems in my shoulders, or really any problem from bench press. I practice good form

this is the section for getting bigger stronger and leaner is it not? that my goal, increasing strength is the reason i am thinking about doing this.


I wouldn't change the program at all. Don't take out the deloading week, it's there for a reason. Also I wouldn't say it's an advanced program, I've had good progress on it when my bench was below yours and making it stronger than that.

You're not progressing on it so there must be something wrong with how you're programming the bench, no? Are you eating enough food to grow/get stronger?


look into sheiko


Yeah lets not get into a debate over this, but my nutrition is basically bulking for 4 weeks while also upping the volume of my workout and going into a deficit for the next two week while lowering the volume and allowing my body to recovery and get back on track for the next four weeks.

but hey i hit a 112 for 3 squat last week and earlier today i hit 115 squat for 3, on wed i am hoping for 117 while still in deficit, so its not a problem. either because the programming works or because of my current low strength level. doesn't matter i am getting leaner and stronger so happy.

except on the bench press, where i am making small steps jumping up and down and can't really get over 107 for 3 which is where i have been for a while. so in summary you don't think its a good idea to add another day on which i would only bench press?


I think it could just be that you are more advanced at the bench that the squat or the dead. Your numbers are close enough that gains in your bench are going to start becoming much slower than your squat. Did you do a lot of upper body lifting while ignoring your legs before you started this program? Don't be embarrassed, a lot of us did before wising up. Being a bro is how a lot of us first started out.


Is this working?
Sounds like a good way to spin your wheels
Which is what your are describing
I doubt "5/3/1: The Simplest and Most Effective Training System to Increase Raw Strength" didn't give you gains because it was too advanced


Well done on progressing with your squat. Sometimes high frequency may work with one lift but not another, and the squat quite often works well for many people with high frequency. It could work but you'd need to program it right so you don't get injured or tweak something, so maybe look into a higher frequency strength program for the bench like smolov jr to get it moving.

I'm only suggesting that you follow a program that's already proven to work because they have been written by experts that have done the trial and error to get it right. This just makes it easier for you.


After you fix your diet strategy




Training a lift multiple times a week is great for getting better at it in most cases. You just have to pay careful attention to how much you're pushing it. Right now I'm training front squat 3x a week, one "light" day, a medium day, and a heavy day. The first week was rough, 2nd went better, and 3rd week (just did the heavy day today) went great. Basically, give your body a little time to adjust to the frequency, don't do too much volume, and be aware that it may impact your other lifts.

You can't expect to specialize in one lift and still make amazing progress in the others. Now, you being a relative beginner, you should be able to still make decent progress in your squat and deadlift if you bench 3x a week, but you'll probably be best off reducing leg training to 1-2x per week.


Ya, but you've never benched 3 days a week before either :wink:

People come to BSL for all sorts of things how could anyone know this idea is for the S in BSL?

Look, I'm not exactly a powerhouse over here, but looking at the numbers you posted you should be able to increase them using a program like 5/3/1. By all means bench 3 times a week and let us know if it works. Good luck!


what do you think constitutes as a " medium " day, going high rep and stay 1-2 under failure for two works sets or this is sort of an individual thing that you have to learn based on progress and experience?


If i try it i will surely report back with the results

nothing ventured nothing gained


Oh wait.

Aren't you the kid who was dead set on using a diet everyone told you was a great way to spin your wheels and make no progress? Boy, this thread about not making progress...it's so weird and surprising. I wonder if you'll take any of the good advice that comes your way this time.

I'm sure you're gonna blow all that off too, and continue down your know-it-all road to zero gains and zero progress. GL.


Increase pressing frequency. As long as you can recover, this is a proven method to increase strength in a particular lift/movement.

Weeks you are on lower cals, remove a legs session to reduce total weekly CNS fatigue to accommodate the following: add a Sunday session where basically do an active lengthy warm up: 5-10 minuts light cardio to increase body temp, stretching through rom, prying etc, foam roll and other trigger point therapy. Warm up longer than usual and actively work on the infraspinatus trigger point. Then pick an exercise (DB incline would be my suggestion), and ramp to a heavy set of three in 5-7 sets. then do 3-4X3-5 on the same exercise at 60-70% of the max weight (this shouldn't be to failure, and speed and form should be the focus). Add 2 high rep sets for shits and giggles. Do 5-6 sets assistance work (namely face pulls, and maybe some YTWLs or what-have-you). Get out of the gym.

Higher cal weeks, same basic plan except you can keep the leg day in if you wish, but not recommended if you want faster bench gains. Again, add a Sunday session where you do the same warm up. Then pick an exercise (DB incline would be my suggestion), and ramp to a heavy set of three in 5-7 sets. then do 5X5 on the same exercise at 60-75% of the max weight. Add 3 (10 15 18) high rep sets , a couple of which can be drop sets if you're not already dead. Do 5-6 sets assistance work.


I'm bench pressing 4x a week and have been for the last 8 weeks. My lifts aren't going up but that's more to do with the fact that I'm still cutting calories to shift the blubber; I like to pause at the bottom of the movement for 3 seconds and so far my shoulders feel great.


4x a week? what sort of setupp do you run?

lol what is it that time of the month for you? bench press, even though i have always placed most focus on it has always been a problem to make progress on even when i was just full on bulking for 7 months. I also didn't say i had not made progress, i said i hadn't made good progress like i do on other exercises like the squat and deadlift.