Bench Press Three Times in One Week

Can i do only bench press in one week like:
Mon 5/5/5+
Wed 3/3/3+
Fri 5/3/1+

Of course you can BP 3x a week. That said, 531 is a proven program that countless people have followed and achieved outstanding results. In 531, BP is programmed once a week, so the three workouts you list would be done in three consecutive weeks. I would not use 531 (or any proven program) and change its core programming.

If you are set on benching three times a week, I would choose a program that has three bench pressing sessions a week. Tactical Barbell comes to mind. I’d check out their Operator strength template.

Sure you can, but the first question is why?

Theres lots of ways in 531 to get more bench volume if thats what you want.

Theres even a template i cant remember the name of in forever that has 2x bench a week.

It comes back to why you want it, then the experienced people on here can help point you in the right direction.