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Bench Press, The Stuff Nightmares Are Made Of


so this is my story

i have seem to hit a impenetrable brick wall in my training more specifically my flat bench has stalled for well over a year and i have no clue on what to do.

during this year or so i tried other methods westside and 5/3/1 but still couldnt add a pound. i gained about 30 pounds and still couldnt budge the weight. i improved the strength in my shoulders and triceps and my incline bench went up and so did military press but still flat bench is still giving me nightmares.

my sticking points seen to be about half way up so i tired to bench of pins which i can go heaiver on but its feels like all my shoulders are doing the work and it started to hurt after a while.

at the moment bnech is 170 and im about 230pounds

please help.

also if your suggestion is bands, chains i cant afford these right now


Post a video of yourself benching. Some of the experienced lifters here may be able to identify a problem with your technique. Bad technique may or may not be your problem, but it never hurts to have someone check it.

Edit: Dave Tate has a great series on Youtube on bench technique. It should be easy to find.


Strange. How are your other lifts?


I think that you might be maxing too much. You should back it off and try a bench cycle that might take you about 12 weeks. You probably need a form check so do some video. Check out Metal Militia, as they know how to bench. They also have a raw bench section now if I am not mistaken.


could be a mental thing


deadlifts fine 290x1
squats could be better 210x1


thamks i check'em out

the things the last time i tested my rep max was back in july and last week all wieghts used were at most 90% 1rm

before juy i backd off on bench and then that didnt help so i decied to do it more obviously that didnt help either


Are your lifts in kgs or lbs mate? Cos if that's you in the avatar, weighing 230 lbs and benching 170lbs, pulling 290lbs and squatting 210lbs something is seriously wrong.


This is kilos, right? If it's not and you are 230 lbs, you've got bigger fish to fry.


i not gonna lie its come to a point where attempting a 1rm is like trying to work up the courage to approach a girl you have loved for ages and telling her how you feel.

scary shit


100% british beef out here and ours weight come in kilos


i will try get a video in the next few days and post it

the only things i know i definately don't is drive my heels into the floor enough where i can get enough leg drive to move the weight. i try but im just not used to it


confusing with your weight in lbs, that's all mate!


Allright, I thought you meant pounds (given that you listed your bodyweight in pounds), which confused, me as that would be a ridiculously weak for someone at your BW and training age. At any rate, Id say those are some pretty solid lifts. Just out of curiousity, how much do you military press?


miliatry press 87.5kgx3
push press is 120kg x1



Makes much more sense now. I was thinking: "shit, most of the women on this site bench more than 170; poor bastard."


sorry about the confusion i just always remember my bodyweight in pounds for some reason

for the english amoungst us 16st 7lbs ish
i think im closer to 17st at the mo though.


if it was in pounds your cringe at the amount of people that can't do that well in my gym anyway


Lucky I train at home!


I'm always having a hard time converting lbs to kg and stones. Anyways, i won't hijack any longer