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Bench Press Technique


First of all I want to thanks you Jim for wrote Beyond 1.1 - 1.4 because I'm setting my PRs like never before. I'm on 1.4 already.

Anyway, you rated my squat and deadlift technique but never Bench Press, so I'll be glad if you'll do it.

Last set is my TM.


You need to be tighter and more "scrunched" when starting. Bar path - impossible to tell.
Hold at lockout.

Other than that - its a bench press.


So I should hold on lockout longer? I'll record next time from side.


Yes. Each rep is a seperately rep.


Seems logic. I'll try and record video.


Here is side view:


Looks like you still quite dont get tight enough? The bar path is wobbling a bit to much for my likings.


Jim or someone else?


So how to get more tight? Bigger arch or something? I place my feet on toes under me because it's low bench and trying to squeeze bench.


It looks like you're benching with your shoulders loose.

You want to retract your scapula and pull your shoulders back and down. It protects the shoulder and shortens the ROM.

I couldn't find a video with a power lifter explaining it well, so instead you get this guy. Mildly irritating, but he gets the point across.


Ok, I understand. So my path changes too much and it should go straight down instead of moving to my stomach while lowering?

Second - should I start set up by underhand or overhand grip? Like here:


Note at 2:50... they don't talk about it, but watch his shoulders... notice how he now has them pinned down and they don't leave the bench when he presses up? That's what I'm getting at. Look at his after he's finished the press, then look at yours.

As for your second question, I underhand during the setup, but I don't think it really matters.


I don't think I pressing my shoulders up but I'll focus on them next time. And really, I didn't noticed this at my video.


It's hard to tell with the black t-shirt against the black bench, but I think you're letting your upper back relax towards lockout. That said, I could be imagining things.


Now I see. Well I don't know it's just because I didn't lockout at the start or it's really shoulders. Anyway I'll try to get more tight. But it's hard.


Pretty good video here too.


Just keep working on staying tighter. Your form isn't awful - it's not holding you back. So just train.


Thank you all.


Here's a video I made about bench press technique about a year ago. My views on grip width have changed slightly, but this video might help you a bit.