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Bench Press Technique.


i have a question about the benchpress that i would like to get some input into.
a few years back i stopped benchpressing due to shoulder pain. and i went thought the whole research routine on how to bench and taking care of your shoulders yada yada. i saw a sports medicine doc and he told me that my shoulders were rolled to far forward and that it could be mild arthritis or shoulder impingement. im about to do pushups and neutral grip dumbell benchpresses ok, and i can do light barbell benchpress at an incline.

    but the whole tucking your elbows when you bench thing sounded good for a while. but im at a loss because honestly there's a certain point at which im not qualified to teach myself. in other words i admit that im inept at alot when it comes to training and rehab. but im no idiot either. and i see plenty of guys "bodybuilders/ football players{" benching with the elbows flared. and since i have acquired more ROM in my chest and deltoids and gotten better posture ive notices that benching with the elbows flared is a little easier. so im just looking for input from someone who might know about this, because ive heard that the bench doesn't need a technique and that anyway its done is dangerous. but im just wondering if its ok to bench bodybuilder style as long as your ROM is healthy?


are your shoulders rolled too far forward because you always bench and dont do enough upper back work?
(im guessing this is the case... I see tons of guys in the gym with bad posture from way more 'pushing' and not enough 'pulling')


This can also be caused by tight lats.


true... I just usually first think that its cause the lifter benches, benches and then benches some more... cause thats what most gym goes do lol


Definitely agree with you :wink: ...and throw in some curls for those huge bi's.


FWIW I can't tuck my elbows more than 30 degrees or so with a normal grip. Anything past that and I get impingement pain. I haven't had any problems benching in that "flared" position, but you have to remember to keep your shoulder-blades pulled tight underneath you...this can't be stressed enough.