Bench Press Technique Critique

first one is 145 for 5
second one is 155 for 3 and a halfish
all my other lifts are progressing well so i doubt its diet
Bench press 5x5
pullups 5x8

incline press 5x5
db row 5x8

dips 3x8
ez bar curl 3x8

i super set the pairs and i do this uuper body workout twice a week


I’m in no position to give you form cues on your bench, but that was a balls out effort.

Keep that shit up man.

men, I don’t see anything here besides dude who is doing 5lbs shrugs on smith’s machine in second vid.

Check out Dave Tate’s 6 week bench press cure, it’s all you need

you tube dave tates bench press tip, check andy boltons tips for bench press on recent article on T-Nation
however your bench form looks decent IMO
Squeezing the bar hard as possible is a great tip (fat gripz will help u get used to this), maybe try to widen feet a bit( makes bar more stable) pinch shoulder hard (doing few reps of band pull aparts has really helped me get used to that, feel your shoulders when the band is pulled apart and try to get that feel when your benching, keep glutes tight. Hope it helps a bit…I’m no expert but these are the top tips that helped me get from 275lbsx 1 finally up to 300lbs.x1

Last tip is to try some other bench techniques such a partial in a rack 1/4, 1/3, or 1/2 benching to strengthen triceps and lockout.

be explosive and drive upper back into bench when u push, try to accelerate the weight.

keep up the good work

Bench press is a full body lift. Your initial setup looks like it takes some thought, and that’s a good thing. You lost it when you pulled it out of the rack and immediately brought it down. Pull it out with big air, hold it steady, and let the weight of that barbell smash you a little bit deeper and tigher into the bench. You want to be TIGHT. You got into everything like you were going to be tight, but got loose the minute you unracked. Benching, when you’re tight, the entire lift hurts.

If you have a decent spotter, he can help you unrack without losing tightness.

When you pull it down, you should literally feel your lats activating to keep you tight and keep that bar steady. Don’t just let the bar come down, dictate how it comes down.

When you begin the press, kick into your heels (without raising your ass from the bench). If your ass is coming up, widen your stance. This may take stretching and flexibility work. You may not be able to get leg drive when you’re up on your toes like you are now. Again, stretching and flexibility.

I’m personally bad with elbows, but make sure they don’t flare out - keep them tucked in. Sitting at your computer, pull an imaginary bar to your chest. Try it once with your shoulders retracted and elbows tucked, and then try it with the flare out - you can see the mechanics and feel how your back works differently.

Your technique may also vary depending on your goals. I’m a powerlifter, and I have a good arch naturally, so I work to get that arch bigger. You’re always going to want to retract your shoulders to some degree as a matter of safety, but you don’t necessarily need to work on an insane high arch.

Also, x999999 on Dave Tate’s cure.

^^^ Listen to Bacon Panties, very good advice there.

Also, I would suggest wearing a tighter shirt and using a bit higher angle next time you film yourself for purposes of form check. The baggy shirt makes it tough to pick uo on a few things, same with the angle. However, overall, form looked pretty good, minus the tightness/stability as mentioned.

You need to briefly touch the bar to your mid-sternum. Also pull your shoulder blades back and pull them down with your lats.

Otherwise what pushmepullme said.

Keep your feet flat on the ground