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Bench Press: Target Muscles


i know soreness is not a good indicator of the workout, but i think it does reveal something about lifting.

sometimes when i do 5x5 bench on Texas Method, i feel nothing the next day. sometimes i would feel my front delts real sore. sometimes i would feel my chest real sore. does this say anything about how i'm lifting? my chest is sore today from yesterdays 5x5, and incidentally it was a big miss-5/3/4/4/4.

lifting with blades tucked in, and arched, yet the results afterwards vary so much....any ideas?


Hand placement, speed, how far you tuck your elbows, changing you groove, degree of arch, supplemental exercises, recovery differences between muscle groups, degree of bounce/pause.


my hand placement is always pinky inside the outer groove line. hope that makes sense.
speed seems the same to me except on later reps where it slows down.
elbow tuck is flared...i guess. groove is straight up and not in J. arch is as good as i can. no bounce.


This used to happen to me alot
you need mind connection, when your benching you should be thinking about the chest nothing else just the chest


That's true if you bench in order to work your chest.


does it really matter which part gets sore?The benchpress involves almost your entire upper body, no matter how you do them.Your chest and front delts will most certainly be worked in any style, so its no surprise that one of them gets sore.
If it helps, elbows tucked in uses more front delts/triceps/lats than chest while elbows flared uses more chest/triceps/traps.


you can also lift more if your elbows are tucked in


I dont think it matters which body parts get sore as long as the weight keeps going up. I mean I reverse grip bench press for my bench training as it feels better to my shoulder but, my point is that after every wotkout of just reverse grip press and maybe some floor presses I am sore the next day but, not where you would think. My shoulders triceps and chest slightly but my lats are always so sore always. So soreness not really the most important thing just keep the weights driving forward.


i agree. but when the weight doesn't go up after a couple tries, what do you do?


You sure about that??

Are you talking for raw lifters or equipped lifters??

How much of a tuck or flare are we talking about here??

Nice work on just parroting what you read somewhere without giving consideration to the other factors at play.


yes Im sure about it

probably raw lifters and the tuck reaches the lower part of chest I think.

how do you know im parroting? I looked it up first and westside barbell club also do this techinque and if you watch powerlifting vids you see them doing it as well