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Bench Press Support

Listen guys, I’d like to know if anyone has any exercises that will help me get my bench up. Any help would be great.

What helped my bench was working triceps a little more often (2 times a week) and this helped increase my overall bench press strength

Try this article from December, it worked great for me and i’m sure it will for you, it uses a technique called static/dynamic training were you train with low reps, high sets in a wave-like pattern…check it out:

uh, you know about the website side of T-Mag right? The one with all those articles about training the bench press?

Yeah, try reading the T-mag articles on bench pressing!

Vince, you tell me what your exact flat bench routine, reps/weight/sets, how many days off between workouts, and what your max is, age, bodyweight, and # of years training and i can help you.

I have the single greatest exercise for assisting with the bench press. Its called…the bench press.
In all seriousness, do you cycle with it? best thing I ever EVER did was learn to cycle weights and reps.


Can you provide some specifics on your training? How much are you benching now? What’s your bodyweight? How’s your form? It’s hard to be of much help without more info, but I’ll try to give you some general advice.

  1. Start by reading all of Dave Tate’s T-mag bench press articles.

  2. Train the triceps. Lots of close-grip work; lots of extensions. Pause at the bottom of all these movements.

  3. Always focus on your weakest link. This may be strength. It may be form. It may be training intensity.

  4. Always focus on form. Pause at the bottom of each rep. Drive the bar up fast. Keep your elbows tight to your body. NEVER lift your glutes off the bench. And keep your lats tight. (Read Dave Tate’s articles for more specifics on form).

  5. Train the lats, and train them in the same plane as the bench. This means lots of bent-over rows.

Good luck. Also, here’s a posting I put up a while ago:


Mark R. 2002-02-17 22:30:32

Sure. Here are a few that have worked for me (I train triceps on bench day, it’s always my second exercise, while I’m still strong):

– Explosive heavy close grip flat benches FROM A PAUSE ON THE CHEST with elbows tight to the body (320 tempo - zero isn’t really possible, but it should be the goal).

– Explosive heavy close grip incline benches FROM A PAUSED POSITION, again with elbows tight to the body. You will probably not be able to touch your chest due to biceps size, so go down to the natural stopping position. Start very light…you may be surprised at the difficulty of this exercise if you’ve never done it.

– JM Presses are great. Like a close grip flat bench press but to the neck or upper chest – you won’t have sufficient range of motion to touch your body, so you’ll have to stop about six inches high. Then press it out with elbows in tight. It will be like an extension.

– Read all of Dave Tate’s articles on the bench. He has great advice. He also has a more detailed description of the JM press.

Good luck…Mark