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Bench Press Substitute


Anybody got an idea of a good substitute for bench? I separated my AC, and while all the other exercises feel fine, my shoulder still pops and feels sore after I bench. It's such a core exercise though, so I don't really know what to replace it with. Any suggestions?

There was a big thread on weighted pushups a while back, but I can't find it (well I can find it with search, but the link just doesn't work). Has anybody tried these? Would it be possible to build up a big chest without benching? Thanks,



This any use?





1st, get the buchberger 12 rotator cuff scap program. I had a subluxating shoulder and it helped a ton. Different problem but it will benefit you. As for the bench, perhaps some 3-4 board presses will help, or neutral DB PRess


How about dips and weighted dips?


They might be much harder on his shoulder than benches.

You could attempt floor presses with a barbell or dumbbells (limited range of motion, so it may not hurt your shoulder).


I use weighted push ups. I've used dumbbells placed on my traps, my 70lb daughter with my feet up on a bench, & now a weighted vest. Believe it or not i like them better than benching & feel i get better leverage, a thicker chest, & better functional results that have helped my punching power. Also, i'd suggest dips, but pretend you are doing them like a push up. At the top of the movement your body should be angled forward 45 degrees. (I think this exercised was mentioned in a recent article.)


I assume you're talking about barbell presses? Have you tried dumbbell presses? Start light...

Oh, and WiZlon, thanks for the post to that article. Somehow I've not seen that article before. I'll have to try those!


Hey fellas, just wanted to say thanks a lot for the advice. No more sobbing whenever I pass the bench press.