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Bench Press Singles


For the bench press, would you say that heavy singles are safe, or can bad injuries occur? I want to try a new bench press program but it contains heavy singles and I'm not sure about them.


You do know that a powerlifting meet is 3 heavy bench singles?

Yes, heavy singles are safe, just get a spotter.


That's absurb. A personal trainer at my big, faceless gym told me that you must do sets of 15 on the bench press. Any lower and you will tear both pecs at once. I'll follow his advice please and thank you.


Singles are bad but doubles are the best thing ever.



I like to blast my pecs with sets of 15 to 25.
The key is volume as I like to do about 10 sets too.


i like to bench standing on my head. and the sky is blue.


Honestly, in my limited experience(only bench 335), I personally get better results for bench when I bench with a lot of volume at moderate percentages of my max, totally serious. Then again Maraudermeat benches 500+ and does almost all singles, so I know nothing.


The only thing that alot of volume does is burn you out and cause over training really fast. So, if you want to stay small and weak, continue to do high volume.



I love it when threads deliver.



this all goes back to finding what works for you. some people respond to volume and submaximal weights. I, on the other hand, respond to supramaximal weights in the very low rep range.

if it was easy, everyone would be benching 2xBW.

to the OP, this is the powerlifting forum and it all comes down to your 1 RM. Safe is a relative term.


Ditto with Meat! Let me ask you this deadman, what's your goal? Do you want to get bigger, or stronger, or both. If it's a program that involves singles, I'm assuming it's for strength. If you want the best of both world's, why don't you change it up and try this. Take a little advice from everyone here. Do higher reps on Monday...say 15. Lower reps on Wednesday...6-8, and pure strength on Friday...1-3. Instead of doing 10-15 sets of chest 1 day a week, why not do 5 sets on Monday, 5 sets on Wednesday, and 5 sets on Friday. Don't push to failure, always leave 1 maybe 2 reps in the tank. If you ever read the comparisons of the two, it's a much better way to train. This way you get the best of all the rep ranges.

And I'm not sure what program you are talking about following, but there are more than enough on this website to keep you busy for a long, long, long time.

Good luck man! Let us know what you end up doing! And BTW....singles are most definitely a safe way to train! PERIOD!!


as long as your form is good there is nothing wrong with singles


I like to work up to singles pyramid style. I also like to get high volume in during the week too.


Amen! Very True!


High volume is an extremely common training strategy among the best in the world... Just take a look at Belyaev or Olech or Fedosienko.... Some of the strongest men in the world. Balyaev deadlifts like 3 times a week, squats like 4 times and benches like 5 times... Don't be close minded to training strategies that work extremely well.


I will bet anything, i have alot more training experience than you. Guys I see in the gym all the time doing endless sets, with tons of different exercises for each bodypart, stay the same, year after year. Cause, thats not the way to get bigger. The best way to get bigger, is low volume, intense, and high frequency. I'm not talking about the high intensity like mike mentzer. I personally do each bodypart about 2x per week. but with limited volume.


my final week of my cycle, i do 7 singles with 95% and up til i get a new pr.

singles are great, just have a reliable spotter or a decent power rack.


And I suppose your testicles must be a whole lot larger than anyone else's around here, too


Majority of ALL people who lift stay the same year after year, so what random program they are doing means little to nothing. There is no 'best' way to get bigger and stronger, it's extremely individualistic. You've obviously made a lot of progress doing what you have done, but guys like Bauer (was 280 at single digit bf I believe) used insanely high volume and progressed. Look at someone like Synergy (similar stats to Bauer), who is making progress training 2 or 3 times a day, everyday. Different strokes for different folks.