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Bench Press & Shoulder Pain

Hi guys,

I have a question about shoulder pain and the bench press. I read everywhere that when you bench with you elbows flared, this can lead to shoulder pain and injury.

When I bench, I get that pain on the side of my shoulder (the right one), but I get it only when my right elbow is NOT flared to the side. As my elbow is at a 45 degree angle or less with my body, I feel the pain and something grinding in my shoulder, but when I flare the elbow to about 90 degrees, the grinding stops, and so does the pain.

This happens only with my right shoulder, the left one doesn’t hurt nor grind when I place it at a 45 degree angle or less. It does that grinding thing when it’s placed at a 90 degree angle though, the opposite of my right shoulder.

Any thoughts? Should I keep benching with my right elbow flared at 90 degree and keep the left one at 45?

You mean you get pain in your right shoulder where the deltoid inserts into your humerus? Holding your arms at 45 degrees recruits more deltoid, so this may be a factor.

Where is the grinding, is it where the pain is or “inside” the shoulder? Give more details.

Have tried CT’s slight decline bench press from pins?

I’d also suggest experimenting w/ reverse bands, and or fat gripz…or all of the above

I think using unsymmetrical form is a very bad idea

If it gets worse neutral grip db press is friendly on shoulders…but bench is always king if you can do it

I have a pretty large bone spur in my shoulder and I have the same pain when I bench. I just started doing Tib’s slight decline bench, by putting a 25lb plate under the bench, and it does help the pain.