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Bench Press Question

When doing a bench press, should your arms form an “L” at the bottom of the movement? It seems the lower that I allow my elbows to dip then the front of my shoulders feel like they kick in.

Use a barbell for incline bench and dumbells for flat bench. Make them tits grow

Unless you’re benching for the sake of powerlifting, in which case it’s all about big numbers and its ok if your using your anterior delts, but if your goal is a big, shelf like chest, bag the barbell bench and do barbell incline and dumbell flat bench.

depends on the length of your upper arms. But the shoulders are a prime mover in the bench press as are the pecs and tris.


Not to hijack the thread or anything but if you hold the dumbbells with your hands like they’d be with a barbell how is it different than if your holding them facing each other. I know the latter puts more stress on your arms but is that because of them hitting the tricep heads differently?