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Bench Press Problems?


I feel my bench is very weak but I am unsure as to the reason why. In the last few weeks, my squat and my clean have gone up 5-10 pounds per week. My bench though is lucky to go up 5 pounds in a week or even two. My squat is between 280 and 300. My clean is 180 and my bench is only at 150. I weigh almost 170. I'm not sure if the problem is my form or if I just naturally suck at benching.

Is there a great bench press form video somewhere that I can look at? What other problems could there be?

Also, do you think I should be benching with my back mostly flat or with an arch?


check out Dave Tate's series: so you think you can bench.

i think thats what it is called. he also has the 6 week bench cure but i feel like you dont need a "cure", you need to straight up learn how to bench.

mess around until you figure out what works with your leverages.

do you train alone? maybe you are afraid of pushing yourself cuz you might get pinned?


No I don't train alone. I'll take a look at it. I think I might have seen it before. Was that the one where he says "Well maybe you just need to learn how to fuckin' bench" and at the end he talks about "my bad" or was that another one?


no idea what he talks about at the end. ive memorized a lot of stuff, dave's script for his videos is not one of them.

its the one where he shows a noob how to bench from start to finish. its a series of like 8 videos.


how tall are you?
how old are you?


I'm about 5'10" or 5'11" and 15.


not to start this shit again, but way to go captain irrelevant.


Arm span can hold you back (mine is 6'3" on a 5'9" frame) but you should still be able to progress fairly quickly at your level. Form could be the issue, and so could your program.

That article by Dave Tate is the shit. I read it every now and then just to keep my mind right.

Post your program in detail. If it's a pre-made program, just tell us what it is and any modifications you made to it.


your span is pretty excessive. but the point has been made several times that there are a lot of people kickin around with pretty good benches that are taller lifters with long freakin arms. it may not be optimal, but its not an excuse for 150lbs bench.


whats your shoulder/military press? poor shoulder strength held my bench back for a little til i woke up and started doing shoulder presses and lo and behold my bench went up right with it


You're absolutely right. I make progress pretty slowly on bench, but I've made it up to 285 and still progressing.

The problem is most likely:
1. lack of food
2. bad technique (not staying tight)
3. training volume not dialed in, as in too little or way too much.
4. something stupid like benching the day after shoulder day or whatever.

In that order


I don't have a program that I can choose as of right now. I've been trying to but the only time and place I can lift is school.

Hang or power cleans

DB Bench
Combination of either push press, power complex, straight leg deads almost always

Form day

Bench or incline


Rep ranges are all over the place. I know it's less than ideal but right now it's the best I can do.


Well, damn, no wonder. Who came up with that program? You're benching on the fourth day, after squats? Not the best recipe for making progress on bench.

Can you change any of it, or is it all set in stone?


Unfortunately I can't change it.


Errr why?


I'm guessing it's for a sport?