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Bench Press Problem


Hey im 16 years old and i had a 185 bench press before football started then i seperated my shoulder so the doctor told me no more barbell bench for me until ive recovered, he said dumbell was good tho, anyways im trying to get my barbell bench back up to 185 (at 135 x7 until i got my shoulder examined) so by doing dumbell bench press will that improve my barbell bench press?


If you get stronger on DB bench, other tri, and chest exericses, i would imagine your barbell bench would increase, especially when you get re-used to the movement of benching when your shoulder heals up.

There's ways to increase a lift without directly training that lift.


If my max is 185 I would be more concerned about strengthening my shoulder. Any pressing movement you do will help you bench. A common problem for shoulder problems in bench is not retracting properly. watch "so you think you can bench" by dave tate on youtube.


You don't have a Bench Press Problem, you have a shoulder injury. You will have no problem benching 185 and more providing you properly rehab. your shoulder. If you rush your return to the bar (or other activities that irritate/stress your shoulder) you will turn a temporary set-back into a chronic shoulder problem. Restoring strength & stability to the injured joint is the priority, everything else is dependent on that alone.

Yes...D.Bell pressing will help maintain strength levels and rehab. your shoulder, but there is a great deal more to it than that. Google/YouTube shoulder rehabilitation. X2...on Tate's video mentioned above.....I also think 'tucking the elbows' goes along way toward reducing shoulder stress. Nothing makes your Bench increase like learning how to Bench!


dumbell press will help


ok thanks alot everyone for your responses


Listen to this. Shoulder injuries are the worst to work around.