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Bench Press PR - Thank You, Jim


Jim, thankyou for your guidance and answers to me and others through this site and advice on planning out my 1-5 cycles. I hit a PR pause bench press 150kg at 102.5kg best parts about this was that 1- i owned the weight -longer pause, fast lift no grinding etc and also lost 5kg since last PR.


Good job Dude!


Very awesome - this is awesome to hear and I hope you learned a little bit about programming in the process.


Jim, after the success i had last plan i decided to do the same thing -i missed 155kg about half way up and i know this could have been anything but i thought it is prob wise to have new plan and if you could offer any advice on what to do that would be greatly appreciated. last plan i did this : cycles 1-2 pr sets all weeks and bbb. Cycles 3-4 pr sets on 3 and 1 week and fsl-3-5x5. Cycle 5 no pr sets working up to heavy singles on 3 and 1 week with fsl 3x5.


I won’t tell someone what to do, especially you, on this forum. I can take ideas and tweak them. You are smart enough to figure shit out - and you know that, too.

So figure out the path you want to take and I’ll make sure you are stepping in shit.


Thanks Jim, I had to have a think about this go through my log and work out my strengths/weakness but also keep it simple and i came up with this: Cycles 1-2 main lifts 5’s pro/fsl 5x8 floor press on press day and incline press on bench day. Cycles 3-5 main lifts 351 pr sets on 3 and 1 week and jokers on 1 week on bench day only/fsl 5x5 press on bench day and 5x5 bench on press day. Assistance after fsl dips/pushdowns/chins/rows/face pulls-50-100 total reps. Conditioning as per normal 4xper week 20-30 min airdyne/weighted walking. Is there anything you would take out, tweak?


Side note: achieved a goal i have had for a while today a bodyweight press and went up fast as shit


This looks good - you have it down. Thanks for reading and comprehending. Means a lot.


No worries jim i have learned alot through your writings and looking forward to new book