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Bench Press Powerlifting Program?

I just classified for the NAPF Bench Press National Championship; I got a 2nd place on Puerto Rico in 93 kg category. Im looking to improve my bench for that meeting. Any advice or help program.

Actual max 150 kg in meeting(152 in training). Raw

You will need to give more info than that for anyone to give you solid advice.

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Josh Bryant has a book called “Bench Press: The Science” that has a lot of useful information.

Other than that, what do you want to know?

Learn to put your best lift on the platform, not in the gym.

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what else?

Height… How long you been lifting plus a general idea what your current training program looks like

Im 5’11; my weight is around 88-90 kg. Started powerlifting this year; has been training in gym for las 6-7 years.

My current training program was a basic Trident Strength Training system of 12 week meet prep. It was really excellent. Now looking for something more accurate to bench press meeting.