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Bench Press Plateau - Getting to 365


Currently have a 1rm of 320.. I've seem to plateau the past month or so. Anyone have any advice or workout help that can get my out of my slump and into the 365 range?


What have you been doing to get to 320? How do you set up training? WE NEED MORE INFO CHIEF!


Stop worrying about 365 and bench 325 first.

  1. Get fat as hell
  2. Take a ton of drugs
  3. Buy a bench shirt

Courtesy of Date Tate.


Most folks blame the chest for stalled benches and I'd say that in 98% of folks this is simply not the culprit. Take a look at your back training. Perform 2 X the "pulls" for every "push". beat the shit out of the tri's..and I'm not talking Dumbbell kick backs and other ghey shit. I'm talking about movements that have a direct carryover to the bench press. Things like close grip floor & bench presses- IE, finger on smooth. Pretty much any pressing that hits the long head. Heavy 3,4,5 board presses. etc.
I've taken my raw bench from 315ish to 405 in about a year and a half thanks to that stuff above and by doing reverse band presses. I started off by doing them with an average band, the green jump stretch or silver EFS band.They take off about 100# at the bottom and I'd rig them so at the last few inches "it's all me".
Since I could bench 3 wheels I started with 405. The 305 off the chest was nice but the weight quickly loaded up. Press fast or the weight comes back down.. After I could do this in sets of 3, I'd drop to a light band. The purples. Then to a monster mini, then a mini and then straight up -paused- 405. That's another thing, pause all of your reps. I'm not talking about some crazy 5 second pause but just about a real 1-2 seconds. Feels like an eternity with heavy weight but it'll work for you. Yeah it's harder but it makes you own the weight plus if you compete or ever plan to you have to pause so why not just do it right from the start.
Don't neglect the off the chest portion of the bench if you are a raw only guy. Lots of dumbbell pressing, dead benches, illegal wide benches. Do some incline work so as not to neglect your upper pecs.

Hope this helps.


excellent post, reverse band benches are one of my favorite movements, id also throw in that back work is key as well, a strong upper back gives you much more push from the bottom of the lift and a more stable pressing surface.


problem solved



Patience. And a good program. Drugs is never an option.


What? If you want to get SWOLE and HYYYYYYOOOOOOUUUUOOOOOUUUUOOOGGGGGGEEEEEEEE then TONS and TONS of drugs are necessary!!! :wink:


Seriously. It doesnt matter if youre natural or juiced, raw or suited. Worry about step 20 first before step 50.


Do weighted pullups too.





Try a different rep scheme


Concentrated loading is something you should consider.


whats concentrated loading?


Google, my friend google.

Here's an article by Jack Reape that describes it in some detail.



He's makes a good point.


He does. As of today I have just bought 25 bottles of premium grade testosterone straight from Mexico


only 25? that won't hardly last you till your next meet. always go with the pallet.


Its a pre meet cycle cycle. I plan on cycling dbol, more test, some suspension, HGH, and insulin, along with 2 gallons of whole milk, 2 pounds of protein powder, and a human baby a day.