Bench Press - Paralympic Lifters - Training Program

Don’t know the exact training program of the bench press of paralympic lifters? I would like to know the precise composition their of training programs - the exact number of sets, reps, etc. Unfortunately, I still can’t find anything specific on the internet. They often have incredible strength (especially Siamand Rahman), so that’s also why I’m interested.

Would it be much different to non Paralympic lifters bench programs? I can’t think of a reason for it to be different aside from no leg drive and no other competition lifts to take up time and energy and focus

Personally, I think they have a much higher intensity and volume of training program. Is paradoxical that they also often have a better and nicer technique of the bench press than some healthy lifters.

Probably cause all they have to focus on is Bench and Bench accessories. They are still just as “healthy” as any other athlete.

I have no idea what these guys do, obviously they don’t squat or deadlift so they can handle more bench volume. As far as better technique, I don’t know the exact paralympic rules but I’m pretty sure you get red lights for uneven extension and I hear that at one time there was as rule that the bar couldn’t stop moving before lockout, not sure if they took that one out or what but the rules are supposedly stricter than in any PL fed.

There are bench specialisation programs out there, there is a 5 day bench-only Sheiko program that I have seen online, no idea where to find it though. I hear there are some Japanese bench-only guys that bench 2x+ bodyweight and train bench 5-7 days a week and not really anything else, however I haven’t seen their programs.

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As others have said, I would think their programming would be similar to other bench specialist programmes out there in terms of frequency, volumes and intensities however, Paralympic powerlifters are limited in what exercises they can perform due to lack of core stability. Things like incline and decline bench cannot be performed and any vertical pressing is very limited.

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Look into Adrian Larsen. Born with dislocated hips and club feet, zero leg drive and benches north of 500 raw and a 710 single ply.