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Bench Press Pain when Lowering Bar


[quote]thegymismyshrink wrote:
Yeah, you caught me in a mood, sorry. My own experience with tennis elbow, if that is even what we are talking about, was weeks of pain suddenly cured by a little velcro strap with a pad on it. It was amazing, and it never came back. If the OP could have the same experience I’d like to see him try it and not listen to a one sentence dismissal of the idea, which is what I thought you were doing. [/quote]

No worries, man. I’m actually in favor of things like compression sleeves, but the caveat is that the problem that caused the pain needs to still be addressed.


Qwerty- did this get resolved? You’re describing exactly what occurs to me from time to time.


Reading through this first thing that comes to my mind is checking how your wrist is positioned.Having the bar too far behind the forearm can put a lot of torque on it, which could definitely propagate down into your biceps. I teach lifters to try and keep the bar as directly over their forearm as possible.

For the OP, I would have asked him if there are any grip similarities between bench and dips that aren’t there in his overhead press. I know a lot of guys instinctively overhead press with a thumbless grip, which is very effective at tacking the tension out of the forearms (I don’t recommend this for bench unless safeties are always used, higher risk of the bar slipping out of your hands).


Are you responding to me? I was confused because this is a very old thread but I see I did post in it.

Anyway, the issue seems mostly to be caused by low bar squatting. More volume and more frequency make it worse. What I did is just do less low bar squatting, once a week only and high bar or SSB on a 2nd day. Right now I’m doing low bar squats twice a week because I’m peaking for a meet but one day is light and low volume, it doesn’t seem to be aggravating anything.

Also a few months back I was getting some bicep tendinitis, I think mostly from wrapping my knees with some stretchy wraps, I took a couple months off from low bar squat and knee wraps and did all my heavy squats with a SSB, my shoulders and biceps felt much better and haven’t bothered me since.