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Bench Press: Pain Around Clavicle/Upper Chest Close to Sternum



I decided to write because I can not deal with it. For last 2-3 month i have very weird pain around clavicle/upper chest region mainly on the right side.

Pain occurs only after I have set my arch. Now it does not hurt but if I lie down on the floor and set my arch, I feel a lot of pain when I try to press, around clavicle/upper chest region NOT IN SHOULDER I find it hard to determine exactly where it hurts, but closer to sternum than shoulder

Im 400lbs bencher and I had few weeks break from gym now, but pain is still here after i set my arch.
But it does not hurt when I incline press (45 degree) and it doesnt hurt in normal life.
Any ideas how to get rid of it?


Look up a trigger point chart, find which muscles caused referred pain to that area and try to release them. There is a muscle right there below your clavicle named subclavius that could be the source of the problem.


Palpate/press on the area–is there a tender spot, a place where you can elicit the pain by pushing on it?


I do not know if I did it well, but i pressed/massaged this spot with fingers and lacrosse ball for ~15min, it was very uncomfortable, its hard to tell now but i think pain is a bit smaller.

Should i continue to do this few times a day? Any other ideas?


Is it most tender right where the clavicle attaches to the sternum, an inch or so lateral to the suprasternal notch (the U-shaped indentation at the top of the sternum)?


Somewhere in this spot (pain is there mostly too but as I said it is difficult to accurately tell where it hurts

Some additional info:
Pain is very irregular, sometimes I was able to bench heavy with only some discomfort in this region, sometimes even without barbell I felt a lot of pain after setting my arch.
DB flat bench press is very painful too, not pressing movement but movement at beginning and end of the set (getting db from knee to press position)
In normal day to day life i felt some discomfort only sometimes and only when I try to wipe my ass.


Do some internet sleuthing on sternoclavicular joint pain/inflammation, see if it matches up with what you’re experiencing.


Do some internet sleuthing on sternoclavicular joint pain/inflammation, see if it matches up with what you’re experiencing.

i dont think this is it, i mean i dont know but i dont have any swelling, left side looks identical and is tender too.

I did squats and deadlifts today and I felt it in the first sets but later the pain disappeared entirely. Pain appeared mostly after few first squats sets, just after set when i get my right hand off the bar (im using very wide grip, hands touching weights)



I did total break from the gym for almost 3 weeks now and I took some medications. But pain is still the same.

One think is weird, yesterday I started benching and the pain was there, even only with barbell but i decided to push through the pain, and after few warm up sets pain disappeared! Even with moderate heavy sets pain was not present. This is very weird for me. Any ideas?