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Bench Press or OHP for football?



which of these exercises are better for football players? The bench press for higher load or the overhead press for more overall (core) strength but less load?
I train both bench and ohp, but I only can focus on one of them.

So what would you say?




Bench press for linebackers. BAM! fight off those blocks, explosively push those offensive linemen off of you. Don’t let them put hands on you! Stay upright, face the play, horizontally, violently shove the big uglies off, and then make the tackle.

Overhead press for offensive linemen. Clean and push press even better. Get low, grab your man, get under him and blow him up! Thighs parallel, eyes to the sky, and DRIVE! Grab your man, lift him over your head, throw him aside and ELIMINATE him form the play!





Are you in high school? Bench press if you want to play at higher levels, because that is what will be tested - all our pontificating aside.


Bench press for all positions in football


Well, I do not really have an opinion on this topic, but consider this: the first real program for football players, Bill Starr 5x5, was all about the OHP. Maybe this wasn’t without a reason.


Ever thought of getting stronger? I mean, everywhere? You know, focusing on what is really important!


Well why dont you go something like 5x5 and do Bench press one day,and OHP on second day ?


Why not both?