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Bench press or not to bench press


After having a little accident with the weights a while back (hello clean & press + too much chalk to slide grip width = letting one hand try to handle 155 lbs. = shoulder impingement ! But I’m feeling much better now)Yeah, I was stupid on that one.
I visited a chiropractor who succesfully ART’d the hell out of me (OUCH!)
He mentioned to me in the course of his diagnosis that too many guys in general overtrain their chests/anterior dominant… true enough but then he went on to say that he has gone for months at a time without doing any direct chest work ! This coming from a guy that was fairly large and quite strong… and he still had huge chest girth (He is the chief chiro for the CDN Olympic lifting team)
Now, what is the T-Mag stance on this ?
DO you think that OL can build a chest sans direct work ?
I know being “pec-centric” is addictive… but can I expect to maintain overall size and strength without chest work for a while ? I’d definitely like to hear from those that have tried this and the results…

Thanks in advance. JAY

I only bench once a week, it’s all power and strength type work, yet pecs are getting bigger :slight_smile:

jerks and holding snatches above seem to hit my pecs in a static way. They certainly get pumped up, but I don’t
hold my jerks properly so…

ever feel your pecs contract hard in deadlifts? I have
Your whole body is active to some degree in all lifts

But you will get weaker though. Anytime I stop a lift, even if the same msucles are being used in something else, the lift goes down. Especially presses
It’s probably different for every person though

I am the opposite. I don’t bench very often at all because I’d much rather pull, row or chin. My chest isn’t tiny but there’s definitly room for growth.