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Bench Press Negatives /Eccentric Bench


Does anyone have any reps schemes for some eccentric only benching?
I have been using 140kg to lower (I have a 130kg bench).

I have been doing 20 reps . I did 10 reps today and it felt better.

I can press what I can lower under control so eccentric is definintely a weakness.

Any tips would be much appreciated guys. I can't find anything on youtube( well good anyway) or literature . I don't own any textbooks or anything .

Cheers Chris


It would make more sense to get some weight releasers if you are set on building your eccentric. Other than that just control the weight when you lower it, no dive bomb benches or you might crack your ribs.


Dennis Cieri did negatives. 500lb+ bencher at 198 raw for years and years.

Some guys use them. If it helps, do them.

Personally, if you have a 4 post rack, set up the safety bars and do some very heavy negative singles @ max or above. Cieri always did very light weight for a multiple second count of multiple reps, but I think multiple reps would get you very sore quickly.

Learning to lower heavy weight and placing it correctly on the chest is just as important as the press itself. It'll teach you to stay tight while lowering the bar under control.

As for frequency and programming - depends on your programming but I'd keep them on the max effort days or heavy days and maybe once or twice per month for 1-3 singles.


Thanks. I am using a powerrack without a spotter. In the gym's infinite wisdom, the rack is so close to wall that no-one can help with a handoff. So I am struggling to get a good setup . It still works though.

I am looking for some sets/reps recommendations . Does anyone know of any literature . I remember there was a German guy who wrote a lot on ballistics and negatives , I can't remember his name though.








Tons of articles on Eccentric training under the search function. In my triphasic training we utilize timed eccentric training, usually 3-5 seconds on the eccentric portion then explode the concentric up.


Thanks I hadn't tried checking T-Nation.


I think it's working (the eccentric work that is ), I recovered a weight a took off badly and hit a triple rep max today.