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Bench Press Neck Ups


i see some people lift their neck when they bench. what gives. is this sort of thing bad... make you stronger, or something else.

example found in another post.


the folks i know who do this usually have neck issues and i'm guessing it's more of an impingement issue that causes the unusual reaction/form. i'm sure somone on this board could give a more detailed explanation than this.

heck, i was just surprised (though i shouldn't be) that the little dude was putting up 110 lb. dbs...


I THINK I rememember reading some where that raising your neck when you're wearing a tight or multi-ply shirt can help you to touch on your chest.


that above video was pretty impressive. To look at that guy you wouldn't think he was capable of that.


lol i guess your a member of monster muscle forums too? i was always wondering what the point of that myself was. at my first meet the intructor guy who was saying the rules said he didnt recomend moving your head cause it will take like 10 off a max lift. but yah with a shirt its easyer to touch which alot of people say. but raw i dont understand the point


It's probably an unintentional thing some people do when they are struggling or pushing themselves.


I saw that described by Louie Simmons a while back. It helps rotate the shoulders down to get a touch. Its interesting though, I had read many feds powerlifting rules requires the head to stay motionless and in contact with the bench. That's what I don't like-tossing out rules to match the equipment.


I THINK (there's that word again) that in the WPO you can have you head off the bench til the clap and then it must stay on it.

I know in my fed (WDFPF) you must keep it down at all times. Think it might be the same in the IPF too.