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Bench Press Max Vs. Bodyweight


I'm benching 185 lbs. @ 125 lbs. bodyweight.


before : 300@150
now: 275@162




270 @ 235

damn long weak arms!

damn them to hell...


This "vs bodyweight" stuff is only impressive if you're a lightweight and you're stronger than most big dudes.


All lifts are considered internet shit talking unless you post a video.


175 at 192BW.... Believe me?


no video but i used to only train the bench and never did legs! My goal was to achieve a 2 times body weight bench raw and after i got that i kind of lost interest in the bench. Now bench days are my easy days.


I wouldn't bench if it weren't for the full power meets.

220.2 @ 132


No, you're lying, no one is that pathetic, not even the 'functional strength' doofs.


Wow. This is like the limbo.

How low can you go?


325 at 200lbs now
405 at 220 lbs years ago
Both are good touch and go no bs lifts.


Currently 200 @ 152... Pretty lame if you ask me.

Tomorrow morning I'll get it up to 205 :smiley:


285 lbs. @ 208 lbs. BW

Maybe I can hit 290 in two weeks.


535 with a pause at 272 bodyweight.

hopefully hitting closer to 550 at 242 for raw bench comp in April.



325 FOR 6 (never tried a 1rep max) at 226lbs


308 @ 198

And to avoid any "internet shit talking" labels lol!


275lbs at 200lbs



everytime I get to 50 lbs more than my body weight I break something, first was my left wrist, now I messed up my ac joint in my left shoulder.

I'm pisssed


I can bench about my own bodyweight

there's a wrestler at my school who can bench 225 at like....130lbs, no one at my school can bench over 315.