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Bench Press Maintenance

Following a combination of Ian King (SS, BOTP) and Escalating Density workouts, I’ve finally gotten my bench up to doing 3 sets of 5-6 at 225 using good form (I am about 6’4", 200lbs.) However, I won’t have access to a gym for the next two months or so until I finish moving and am trying to come up with ways to maintain my pec size and strength with only the aid of dumbells (olympic, capable of going up to 70 lbs each) and a flat/incline bench (which I have). Yesterday I tried this program for chest and tris:
warm up:
push ups x 12, wide grip
push ups x 12, narrow grip on basketball
bench dips

followed by two supersets of:
A1 incline db bench press
A2 weighted dips
A3 incline db flyes

I would welcome any advice people can offer.

Pick up a set of 90s. Seriously, they’re not particularly expensive. Warmup with pushups, do however many reps with the 70s, and as many as you can handle with the 90s for 3 sets.

Lacking that, forward dips to failure will keep your delts in good shape. Vertical dips do the same for tris, and thus lockout. Ditch the weights entirely and have a girl straddle your back for heavy pushups sets.


thanks for the tips. I’m particularly eager to try your last suggestion. I’m a sucker for anything involving women straddling me.

If you have a barbell, you could make your own power rack. It can be easily done using 4x4, 2x4, a couple of 3/4 pipes and lag bolts.
Other than that, some high incline (feet raised) push-ups can be fun. Best of Luck.