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Bench Press Leads to Left Rhomboid, Trap, and Neck Pain


I was bench pressing early morning (typically I work out at night), did my normal warm up then threw some plates on the bar and got into position and pressed up then down. The weight i was using is typically light for me however felt heavy unracking and doing 8 reps. After i did this I felt my left back feel weird, however thought i could do another set, so i did at a heavier weight. This then made my back feel a little bit worse. Finally i thought i could lessen the weight and this feeling would disappear. Unfortunately it did not. So I left the gym as the left side of my upper back rhomboid traps and neck were not feeling to good. The next morning i couldn’t even move my neck to the side up down or tilt, in a lot of pain. It feels like all the muscles are being dragged from my left rhomb when ever i move my neck. I really don’t know what I could have done to cause this type of injury any advice would be great. As i would like to avoid this in the future, im thinking it might be an early morning work out and muscles were not fully warmed up despite doing a warm up.

Are you pushing your head back against the bench as you press?

A stretch would be:
Lie face down on the floor
Rest your chin in your palms
Prop up the elbows to elevate the head back
Relax to stretch your neck

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I was not pushing head in bench, i do the arch and have the weight on my back