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Bench & Press Lagging


39, 6' & 208lbs....2 years training. Current stats: 400lb deadlift, 328lb squat, 198lb bench & 126lb press. Nothing spectacular but as you can see my bench & press suck. Currently doing FSL 5-8 reps x 5 plus 1 5x10 assistance, typically rows or dips on bench/press days. Squats and deads seem to be going up quick but my progress on bench and press is painfully slow. Stay the course and suck it up realizing that I'm weak because I'm weak or does anyone have any advice (add more volume, add assistance, etc)?


How many years have you been doing this exact workout?


5/3/1 for 13 months. FSL not very long, 5 cycles within this 13 month period. Dips, rows, chins, abs, lower back work, since the beginning. However I can read between the lines assuming you’re implying that I should stick out FSL for a few years minimum.

If this is the case then I guess my question is, you state that you should change assistance every 6 weeks or so. But is it ok to stick with FSL for a year or more and not change this template?


Here’s the thing: do the main lift, choose the supplemental work (FSL or the dozen or so others) - and then do assistance work (whatever - it doesn’t matter at all except rows and a few things like that). You can change and tweak the volume by the supplemental work, the main work (remember there are about a half dozen different variations of the main work) or frequency.

Right there is years and years of changes. Combine that with eating to perform and a dedication to total training - you will be fine. The trick is to work, be consistent and be patient. 100% of the time, people fuck up eating, recovery. Most of us do more than enough in the weight room. The trick is coming back better and stronger.

What you should do? I don’t know specifically because there is no right answer. The good thing is that if you work and work and are consistent, progress will come as long as principles are sound.


Crystal clear, thanks for taking the time Jim.