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Bench Press Injuries

Hi to all. It’s a very long time since my last post and sadly i’ve to start from this forum.
Monday during mybench press 1RM test I “heard” A strange noise from my right chest-shoulder area. I feel a bit of pain, but i can’t stop and try to complete the pressing. Again the strange sound but i could rack the barebell. My spotters didn’t hear nosing.
As soon as i rack the pain started. I have no ROM problemsn i can perform every movements without weight offcourse. I feel a bit of pain if i stretch the chest or if i “push” The area between chest and shoulder.
I cannot do pushups to much pain. If i perform the “most muscolar” pose I feel pain too.

Anybody can help me undesrtand what happen? What should i do?

You should have started by icing the area the day after(it’s to late for that now).
If you have gone a week with little improvement, you should see a Doctor. Perhaps it is just a pull/strain, but it could be worse. If you wait to long you decrease the odds of a 100% recovery… depending on the problem.