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Bench Press Imbalance Issue


Basically, I have been lifting for 6.5 months (after a long lay off for 8 months where i lost all my gains and was on starvation mode due to unemployment and depression, i've managed to get a job now after graduation).

My bench is not very good, only at 70kg 3x5 (new PB set today). Today my spotter found I had a slight imbalance issue with the left hand side being weaker than the right hand side. This has led to the bar being slightly imbalanced when I do some of the reps. It has meant my left hand side has flared a bit when I push the weight up.

I am going to try and rectify this by taking 20% off my working sets and working back up with a focus on balance. Also, doing more work with just the bar and light weights. And perhaps machine pressing lightly with the left side. At the same time, I am going to do more sets with dumbbells to make sure my time is not as wasted (I am on Rippetoes advanced novice bodybuilding version).

Does my plan sound ok?


No, it doesn't. Unless you feel pain, keep on going and pretend your spotter never mentioned it.


I'd like to see a video before jumping to just go until it hurts. That may be fine but if it is honestly something that could cause some issues later I'd think you would be foolish to just keep driving a shitty movement pattern it to your head. Trust me my bench is miles behind my other lifts due to shitty technique and injuries from said technique and passed injuries.


Doing more work with just the bar and light weight will not help, as the motor units and movement patterns are not the same as when you get to 75% 1RM and greater.


So how do I get around this? Do I carry on doing the bench press as normal but with a focused effort on form?


Sure. Video a moderately heavy set and post it.