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Bench Press Hold Question


I read something that you should hold your bench press up at the top for like 10 seconds or something in Waterburys Workout what does that do for you and is it any good to be doing?


I don't know much about bench press, but doing that might help you if you usually have trouble locking out.


I've been giving this a shot at the end of my bench workout once a week, for the past 2 weeks.

If you hold just below lockout then it's relatively easy so I added a bit more weight than suggested, but the lower you hold it the more difficult it gets.

My bench has improved a bit rep-wise, but it's probably a little to early to tell the real impact this is having.

Just try it and see what you think.


For sure just unracking and holding a supermaximal load can help. Mainly justy with confidence/mental things of Holding that weight. But also getting thew body used to HEAVY loads. Try it sure at the end of workouts load on 20-50 lbs more than your max un rack and hold. Or do it prior top a set. unrack hold hell maybe even do a c eccentric then use your expected load and it'll feel like cake.

Use it dont abuse it. Something to add in for sure.



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