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Bench Press Help

Got into 5x5 routine 4 months back. Ecto morph lean fighter frame and past, massage therapist for 9 years. Hands, wrists and shoulders feel weak and achy and I’m having trouble gaining with bench press. I’ve put on 27 lbs in 4 months I’m at 165 now and struggle benching pressing 150. I have tried working on overhead press and isolated arm training to gain strength but I’m having a hard time increasing. I’m open to any suggestions. Thanks.

Could be a number of things causing issues… I would first look into your actual form and go from there.

How old are you? Have you done anything athletic prior to 4 months ago? Do bear in mind that even under the best of circumstances building strength and muscle is a very slow, arduous process. It can actually take years to see any progress at all. Just keep working at it.

My bench improved a lot when I strarted working my grip and forearms on my off days.

Also, in order to lift heavy, you have to physically be bigger and heavier as well. Make sure that you are gaining weight. forget about having a flat stomach for a while. Just focus on getting big and strong.