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Bench Press has Plummeted


I have been running an 8 week training cycle leading up to a powerlifting meet which is on October 20th using block periodization. All of my lifts have been increasing accept for my bench press which took a big dive in the last few weeks.

I generally use 12-16 week training cycles but I had to use an 8 week cycle because of the timing of the meet. At the end of my last training cycle I benched 415x1 and now I can barely get 365x1 and this is after I came back from a deload! My bench press training for this cycle has been as follows:

-Accumulation Mesocycle

-Week I: Illegal Wide Bench Press: worked up to 335x5 PR Behind the Neck Press: 135x5x5 Narrow Grip Bench Press: 225x5x5 Barbell Row: 275x5x5

-Week II: Bench Press: 345x5 PR Behind the Neck Press: 145x3x5 Narrow Grip Bench Press: 245x3x5 Barbell Row: 295x3x5

-Transmutation Mesocycle

-Week I: Bench Press: 365x3 PR Behind the Neck Press: 155x3x5 Narrow Grip Bench Press: 265x3x5 Barbell Row: 315x3x5

-Week II: Bench Press: 370x3 PR Behind the Neck Press: 165x3x5 Narrow Grip Bench Press: 285x3x5 (Failed on 2nd rep of last set) Barbell Row: 335x3x5

-Deload Week

-Realization Mesocycle

-Week I: Bench Press: 365x3x1 (These were slow singles) Narrow Grip Bench Press: 225x3x5 Barbell Row: 275x3x5 Rack Lockouts: 405x3x1

-Week II: Bench Press: 365x2x1 (I had to lift my ass off of the bench to get these) Narrow Grip Bench Press: 225x3x5 Barbell Row: 275x3x5

My diet hasn’t changed and I haven’t been doing any more or less physical work outside of my training sessions. In the last week I hit PR’s on my overhead press and also on my deadlift but my bench has just died. What the hell is going on?

Sounds like your burnt out on 1rm lifts. You PR’d a shitload. Take a week and do a bunch of high rep sets with like 50-60%. Then deload for the meet.

I’m thinking the OHP’s and the close grip bench has fried your tri’s and they just couldn’t make your bench happen. How different is this 8 week program from what you “normally” do? or what you were doing when you pressed that 415?

I know for me when I work heavy board presses and bench with chains, I have great bench progress. When I simply do off the chest work, old school, my bench stalls and goes backwards. I ran Wendlers program for 8 months and I went backwards slowly on Bench and squat.

Anyways, don’t let this shit get too far into your head man. Maybe you just had a shitty week?

Starting to realize as far as making strength improvements in training, many things are a delayed response…

Such as I will do something training related in the gym, and 2 weeks later will reap the benefits from it…but then i never write anything down or keep much track of what i have done, so i dont learn from it.

My bench always sucks after a deload. Other lifts don’t, I dunno why.