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Bench Press Frequency

how many times a week should i bench?? i want to add weight to the lift//2-3 times good???my max is under 300 and i wanna break thru…

Give it a try.

What have you been doing so far? What has your progression been in the last month or two?

you really need to try different frequencies out to really know what you best respond to. twice a week is a good place to start. if you feel like you recover well enough you can try adding another bench session or even another. I find once a week works best for me but everyone is different.

I have been doing once a week for a year but with no results. I followed 5/3/1. It worked well for my squat and deadlift, but my bench got weaker.
My max previous to 5/3/1 was 375 pounds, and that was when I was doing MadCow and benching twice a week.
I’m back to twice a week now and after a few weeks I can already feel my bench is getting stronger.
I suggest you start with two. Bench once a week is not good.


aaaaaahhhhh my bench is so gayyy…im sick of it…

I think two times a week works well.

Try working up to a heavy set of 5 one day (leave a few in the tank), then press for volume the other day.

try building up to a desireable amount of frequency … if you do well on 2 sessions a week maybe add a 3rd session dedicated to technique/speed work and if that goes well slowly increase the volume for the third day and keep going till you find a sweet spot.

For me i notice my bench does best on high volume high frequency (i count weekly volume, works great if i space the volume throughout the week so i do most of it while fresh and can just keep increasing weekly workload)