Bench Press Form

Hi guys,

I’ve been working out seriously for about 1 and a half years, and about a month ago decide to start lifting with Westside methods. On my max bench day, when i do a standard bench press, i was working with sets of 210x3, working up to a double of 245. Now, i have really been focusing on hitting my triceps(cg bench, palms in db presses, floor press) and keeping my elbows in. I have no problem keeping my elbows in during the sets of 210, but when i go for 245, they flare out, and come towards my head more. I assume this is due to a lack of lat/back stregth. Any advice for excersises to help keep the bar in “the groove”? What do you guys focus on doing during heavy (relatively) benching?

Anybody? I’m sure some of you guys have this happen to you…

As you mentioned, having your elbows flare is generally due to weak lats, especially when you are maxing out. Barbell rows and weighted pullups will help alleviate this.

A general rule of thumb is that your barbell row should be about equal with your benchpress. So if you are benching 245, but only can row 185, you will need to build your lats a lot.

As an added benefit, a strong back helps your deadlifts as well.

It’s ok if your elbows flare out as you lock out, you want this to happen. You don’t need to row the same as you bench, just look at the biggest benches around, ask Sean Lattimer if he rows with 900 lbs, you do need to strengthen and jack up your lats but go for volume. First you need to asses if you’re going to be benching raw or equipped, there are some minor differences in training…you want to increase your bench then read articles from the Metal Militita, Westside Barbell,

thanks for the responses guys, i guess i just need to row more often, and probably with a higher volume.

Make sure your doing your back work shorlty after your bench work like the 3rd or 4th exercise. You will get a better workout from this as well.