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Bench Press Form?


I'll check out YouTube for this too, but I thought one wanted to avoid arching their back in a bench press (i.e. that's cheating the lift). But I stumbled onto people talking like the bigger the arch the better.

Are there different standards for different goals here, or was I just misinformed?


You are confusing a good arch.. with high school kids with their butt way off the bench.


It really depends if you want to lift big weights and protect yourself from injuries, or if you are just looking to build a big chest.

Watch the "6 week bench press cure" from dave tate on this site. If you have to ask about bench press form, then you should probably do as this video suggests.

You'll get less pec stimulation than the way most bb'ers lift, but you can add some flys to compensate.


Use your search function for an article/video on benching by Dave Tate on this site.


depends what your goal is. are you looking to get a big bench, or just to develop the chest? If you want a big bench, then learn how to arch, tuck your elbows, get leg drive, etc. and no this is not cheating the lift.
just chest development, then don't arch, and let your elbows flare a little, focusing on using mostly your pecs for the lift


yes probably