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Bench Press Form Video


Hello, today I tried what my bench press max is. Do you see any issues? The weight is 120kg, I know it is very little, but I ve always had hard time benching since I am quite light and very tall (193cm, 6’4). And what do you think about the pause, is it long enough? I feel like I am moving the barbell down too slow.


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today I tried what my bench press max is. Do you see any issues?[/quote]
Well, the first issue is “trying a max” without a spotter anywhere near the bar. For regular training, fine, but with anything close to a max (let alone trying a new max), don’t be dumb.

What pause?

Tough to tell from the angle, but I’m about 90% sure your glutes came up off the bench as soon as you started to press back up. Stay tighter neck to heels, plant your feet, no dancing.

Good grind through the sticking point though.


It is just 120kg and my friend who was filming me could help, anyways, you can stand up after failing 120kg quite easily.

Well, I ve watched some videos from IPF competitions, and the pause looks very similar… I might be wrong tho.

I don’t remember that, but it looks like it in the video :frowning: I need to work on my lower body positioning a lot.


Hard to tell much with this particular angle. There is much more going on in the bench than just your chest and arms, so we will need to see more.

Pros: elbows squeeze into the body during the eccentric portion, and go out on the concentric.

Cons: Def. no pause, maybe even a bounce. Letting the bar come into your chest like that means you are not staying tight at the bottom of the lift .

Would have to agree with @Chris_Colucci, I think your hips come up, and I’d put money on your feet moving.

Send us a side vid when you get the chance. I’ll keep a lookout for it.


Why can’t you max without a spotter? If he is pulling the bar out of the rack, not lifting it, he is still in good position. If he fails, do the roll of shame, NBD.


Alright, seems like I will have to redo it on wednesday :stuck_out_tongue: There is definitely no bounce, I can do 10kg more touch and go, I am sinking it in my chest a little bit tho.


I tend to go lean better safe than sorry when it comes to benching a PR single (which is what I interpret “tried what my bench press max” to mean).

Sure, worst case scenario, the roll of shame is doable… as long as nothing cracks when the bar comes down. Call me a Nervous Nelly, there’s just zero benefit to doing a completely unsupervised max. The buddy filming the rep, who’s several feet and several seconds away from actually helping in the event of a bad rep, is not a valid safety measure.


The left side of the bar (from our point of view) remains motionless for a while, so I think that is a clear pause rep. The right side, however, doesnt go motionless at all. Just focus on the plates… :frowning: Gonna fix that.


I agree with you, spotters are obviously the way to go .

I believe Candito has a video out that shows a method of freeing yourself from a heavy bench that works very well for me. Better than The Roll IMO


You can leave the locks out and dip the plates off of one side first and then the other. But really for just training purposes, you don’t need to know your 100% all-out max.


Hard angle to see much as said before, I would like to see a longer pause without sinking the bar into the chest. Not sure what ipf rules are concerning the sinking the bar.

Great effort for sure, good job!


Sinking the bar after the press command is not allowed. Before the command it’s okay.

“Heaving, or sinking the
bar after it has been
motionless on the chest or
abdominal area, in such a
way as to aid the lifter”


It’s important to remember that the IPF is normally more strict than necessary with the rules though so it probably isn’t a good idea to risk it.

Also to the OP, that pause isn’t long enough for most feds (especially not IPF/USAPL). Work on getting a bigger arch to help cut down on the ROM and longer pauses. As well as staying tight which has already been mentioned