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Bench Press Form Variation


My brothers in pain and gain, I was wondering what is the right form for bench press ..for bodybuilders..as I understand powerlift bench has a different form and doesnt really hit the chest that well..if I am wrong please let go me for my ignorance as a beginner I am curious what form .grip is best for bodybuilders..or is there no difference in form at all for powerlifters and bodybuilder


Watch these as a good starting point.


I think this is a great video series to watch IF the OP is benching for strength gains, but it doesn't go into how to bench for size.


Looks like it has been working for Ecchastang.


Gotta know how to lift, before you lift.


True. Learn the basics, and then build on that. For a beginner, just learning proper setup and how to not get hurt is the best place to start. From there, most will get a decent amount of size before having to specialize.


Thanks guys..in another video I saw on T-Nation they talked about shrugging shoulders while benching. Is it right




Pulling traps up shrugging them


Pull your shoulders down and back.


Watch the video series, this is covered.


Point taken