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Bench Press Form Reccomended by CT

I tied the bench press form reccomended by CT in the video in the Livespill a little while ago - Back arched while maintaining a shrug - It just does not feel comfortable performing it this way - CT says using this method will allow the most weight, is safer and less prone to injuring the shoulders but when I tried it I had to use alot less weight and had to really focus on keeping the shrug throughout the lift but did not have the same level of momentum. Is anyone else struggling with this - I discussed this with others in my gym, and they said to arch the back back keep the shoulders back, not shrugged up. - Is the shrug really necessary? What form is everybody else using?

It’s not a shrug… You need to retract your scapulae. Think about rolling your shoulders back like you would when you puff your chest out. Take a breath in, hold it, flex your lats, keep your elbows close and work on exploding off your chest. Keep your feet planted and try to use them to transfer energy from your lower body. Do all this correctly, and you certainly won’t be benching less than you would with a flat back/flailing legs, etc.

Thats the form i use. put 115 lbs on my max in a year and a half(205lbs to 320). Works like a charm for me and i feel it in my chest more than anything else.

I have personally found this to be an effective method to give a very stable upper body position and allow much easier/more confident unracking of the bar then with shoulders “back and down”. I’m still working on my lower body, essentially keeping the glutes/abs tight and finding the correct foot position for leg drive. This the only issue I’m having with the setup- finding the right amount of arch and leg position to truly push through the heels and get some leg drive/bottom of the press overall stability. My instability here cost a big PR and is no doubt holding a few reps back in the tank at least. But for sure it feels more natural for me then back and down when I get it right.