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Bench Press Form Check


hey guys...my bench sucks and i really need some advice. my max is stuck around 120kg now for ~7-8 months. i really think its a technique-issue because my dips and my oh-press went to the roof during this period. i was on 531 for 6 cycles, now im back to an alternating total body routine.

im around 80kg, best lifts:
sq 170kg
dl 200kg
bp 120kg

heres one of todays sets. its 102.5 for 3, which isnt my rep-max but i think thats heavy enough to evaluate my technique.


You could arch more if your body allows it, a lot more if your fed allows your heels to be off the floor. Back could probably be tighter, I noticed you tightened it up during your setup which is good, but try flexing your lats as well, it will pull your shoulders down and rotate your arms a little bit if you do it right. Helps a lot with the tuck and tricep activation.

Check out Dave Tate's 6 week bench cure for a decent program. JM presses, tate presses and board work are good for your triceps and for power off the chest do high rep incline db presses or bb presses.

Hope this helps!