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Bench Press Form Check, Input on Arch



I feel pretty confident in my benching but just want to hear others perspective on it.

I don’t compete in anything and don’t plan on it so I guess it doesn’t matter

I know my butt comes up just a little sometimes. that just depends on the day and I try to catch it.

*Only thing I find weird is I have a decent bench to bw ratio since I weigh 143lbs. (Short arms) Yet I have like nooo chest development. But my shoulders and triceps are over developed comparatively. I guess this is why I am questioning my form now.

I also have a bit of shoulder blade impingement minor elbow pain but I still think that is from back squatting because it goes away when I switch to leg press

These minor problems make programming weird so any input on those injuries/aches would be nice too lol thanks guys

This is to be expected from benching alot. If you look at power lifters who lean out and do a bodybuilding stint (Mark Bell, Dave Tate, etc.) it is very pronounced.

There is far too much already written by people much smarter than me on developing the pects, so I’m not going to add anything to that.

What do you mean by “input on arch”? You aren’t arching. Arching might make it a bit easier on the shoulders though.

Some people get decent pec development from benching, many don’t.

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Your bench technique essentially eliminates pecs from the movement, so you aren’t likely to get a lot of pec development. You would need to flair out the elbows to involve the pecs, right now you are anterior delts and triceps heavy. DB flyes would provide that development as well, if it’s important to you. Probably won’t do much for your bench with that technique though.

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This makes sense. I’ll probably just prioritize my accessories more after benching if I want to bring up chest.

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I used to get front delt pain pretty bad until I started benching like this over the past year. I just think it’s stupid that everything you ever read practically says bench is the best movement ever for chest. Which maybe it is if you wide grip or flatten out and flare elbows. Idk just feels like a waste of time now I mine as well just program shoulder press as my main and then do a bunch of chest flys and chest accessories

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So what rep range are you actually working your bench in? Im guessing low reps and very few sets?

Based on your instagram your chest development is in proportional to the rest of you.

not really seeing that…

Odd allot of things I see have been saying the opposite over the past several years. The truth is the efficiently of the bench for chest development is highly dependent on the body mechanic of a individual.


Do you want a big bench or big pecs?

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It works for some but not all. There is a lot of bullshit information out there. Wide grip would involve the chest more, but it’s also harder on the shoulders and if you already had shoulder issues it might not be a great idea.

If you don’t care about building a big bench then you don’t need to do regular bench presses at all. Dumbbell bench is going to be more pec-dominant for most people (such as yourself), and I see some bodybuilding guys mostly doing incline bench for some reason that I don’t quite understand. It depends on what you are really trying to accomplish, if building muscle is the main goal then use exercises that target the muscles you want to train.

I do high volume mostly. 7 day pplppl (arms on off day). One bench day is heavier 3-5sets x5-6 reps (after a top single) and my second bench day is a rep day at 4x8-10 at about 80% of day 1. Then I’ll do a few accessories after for chest/ shoulder/ tris With fairly light/manageable weight for like sets of 15-20

I could be wrong. I am wearing a hoodie though in most of them (unless you found my main page)
I got a bunch of pics on this other page and I am basically posing at my best angles and best lighting lol

I saw your deadlift pics… looked at your Instagram since you mentioned it. Chest looks fine in one of pics doesnt look underdeveloped. Looks balanced

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Can’t we have both lol. Probably size though if I had to choose a priority. I don’t ultimately care how much I bench as long as it’s just getting a little better each time. I use bench because it’s easy to progressive overload. I always saw progressive overload as a good driver of growth. Bench works well in that aspect I think

It could just be in my head overthinking. Thanks for the input

Pic you posted on August 4 is what I’m judging it on. Yeah my opinion is your overthinking it at the moment.

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I agree there is a lot of bullshit Info out there. Lol information overload is real. I probably won’t change much on my bench then either. I’ll just tweak my assistance work a little For better chest activation

See this kind of what made me second guess myself. I stopped recently benching for about 5 weeks just to try it. I felt more chest activation but finding ways to progressive overload got too complicated for me compared to how simple bench press makes it. I just couldn’t find the sweet spot I like to have of volume and intensity in training (to prevent over/under training) so I’m adding bench back in now.

You could progressively overload with both reps and weight. For example, start with a weight you can do 8 reps and each week try to do another rep or two until you can do 12 or 15 or whatever, then add 5-10lbs or the next set of dumbbells.

Aside from bench and DB bench, dips are something that could be useful for the pecs for you. Again, for some people it’s not going to do much so you have to try and see, plus they could be hard on the shoulders. Flys are an obvious choice, I find the floor paused style (do them laying on the floor and pause for a moment when your upper arm touches the floor) works well and is less strain on the shoulder joint.

Agreed, you’re using more of a competition style of press.

To an extent, but prioritization, by definition, means you eventually have to pick.

Cool! So we just have to pick moves that hit your pecs more easily. I suggest dumbbell bench, incline barbell (30° or less, if possible), and dips, but it’s personal preference. The nautilus machines feel great to me too.

I don’t disagree with that at all, but it sounds like it’s not your best pec builder. No worries - you just overload something that is. I think you’ll be amazed how big a difference raising your angle by 15° makes, and you wouldn’t even have to change anything else.

Why is this so popular for hypertrophy? I don’t get it.

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The angle let’s you finish with a hard flex on your pecs. Supposedly it targets your upper pecs, but I’m not ever lean enough a nuance like that makes a difference. It’s a little more comfortable on your shoulders, takes your front delts out somewhat, and hits your side delts to an extent.

So the idea is you get more upper chest and more width in a single movement - holy grail in the hypertrophy world!

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