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Bench Press Form Check, 215x3

Hi. I’ve really been trying to clean up my bench, but it’s still not great. I don’t think this is an ideal video angle, but if you have any thoughts, I would appreciate it. Thanks.

You are throttling the bar like riding a motorcycle. You want some backward wrist mobility but you’ve got it too far back and are exaggerating it on the way down.

Take your air before you start lowering the bar to your chest.

Overall I think there’s some timing issues but nothing some work can’t fix. Congrats on the PR.

Think chest up, shoulders back and down ( to start, feel free to let them protract at the top some ), then try to keep the elbows stacked in line with the wrist.

Since you’re posting in the powerlifting forum, I assume you’re interested specifically in benching for this sport. If that’s the case, you’ll need to get used to pausing at the bottom until someone gives you the “press” command. As far as the movement, I don’t see any major problems. Just know that pausing at the bottom creates a different feel; you need to get used to staying really tight during the pause.