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Bench Press Form Advice?

Hi link below to set of 5 at 85kg. Looking to get to 100kg 1rm so any technique advice would be appreciated.

You don’t have that now? You didn’t appear to be struggling at all.

For real, I’d just do exactly like you did there, then add a 10 lb. plate to each side for 3 reps, then a 5 lb. plate to each side for 1 rep.

or what ever the metric equivalent is

Cheers bud. I am pretty close to the limit there though. I might have got one more rep but not two. Im doing a bastardised 5 by 5 thing and this was the first time I got the full 5 sets of 5 on third attempt so next time I’ll go up to 87.5kg.

Last time I tested 1 rep max was 3 or so weeks ago and I got 87.5kg but failed on a 90kg attempt. I’m stronger now and reckon I could probably get 92.5kg. I’m probably still a few months of solid training away from getting a 100kg 1rm which is fine but if theres something I can change on my form to get me there quicker even better!

Does anything “feel” bad or strange to you? Or, do you think you have any technique issues?

Where did you miss on that failure with 90kg? Right off your chest, down at the bottom? Or was up at the top near lockout?

Maybe give us a view totally from the side so we can see the path of the bar as it goes up and down.

And a view from in front of the bench so we can see where your hands are lined up and what your elbows do when you press.

I dont fail at the top or bottom. Always manage to get it moving upwards and I can lock out when Im close so i guess i fail in the middle. You may notice that my left arm is shaking a little at the end. When I fail on later reps in sets its usually because my left arm lets me down. I sometimes sort of shift my shoulder position to help the left get up which feels bad when I do it so I try to avoid getting into a rep Im likely to fail on so I dont need to do this.

1rm failures the left doesnt seem to be such a problem on though. Maybe its weaker on strength endurance but has similar max strength to the right arm?

It’ll be a few days before I bench again but will get the other angles.

Keep doing what your doing for now.
For backoff sets/assistance work/other variation like incline, I would try bench with elbows tucked and play around with a powerlifting setup( dont worry about crazy arching) and then try and incorporate that into your main benching in the longer term

-among other thing will lower chance of pec strains and beat up shoulders in the future

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It’s the crocs… No really it looks fine. Tiny details on rep 4 and 5 felt like you slithly brought the bar lower on your chest, your wrists/elbows were a bit misaligned with the wrists slightly in front of the elbows. Rep 5 you did not touch your chest. Try perhaps to stick out your chest a bit more. Then I think you only need practice and it will all come together

Thanks all for the advice and tips. Will definitely try tucking in arms a little more and getting more of an arch. May not look like it but I was trying to arch on that set!

you’re really slow off the chest when you initiate your press. Think of exploding when you initiate your rep. Put everything you have into it the whole way, accelerate hard, so that you can push through your sticking point. The way you can practice this is through explosiveness with lighter weights. Perform each rep, each warmup the same way. Control it on the way down, and EXPLODE as soon as you are ready to press.

Cheers for this. Definitely trying to work this into my warm ups as atm when i try to go fast I lose good form.