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Bench Press Focus


where do you focus eyes when pressing?? ty


I pick my head up and watch it down into my chest then throw my head back when the press starts. Most of the time field of vision goes black on top sets/heavy singles though, pretty sure that's normal?...


Which is fine if you don't compete or compete in a fed that allows head lift.


Very good point. Incidentally, I began in a fed that allowed head lift and lifted that way for a few years. When I wanted to do a USAPL meet I had to teach myself not to (I even red-lighted my first lift just out of bad habit). I learned that for me, I seem to be able to maintain my arch and my tightness better keeping my head still. So, that's how I bench now in any fed.

Just my two cents.

Oh yeah, the original question: I don't really "see" anything, but my head is pretty straight up. I set up with my eyes slightly lower on the bench than the bar, and look straight up. Since I'm arched, with my shoulders planted into the bench, I end up in very slight flexion (my chin slightly tucked).


The strongmen of yesteryears would tell you to keep your eyes on the bar.

I would say if you're focused on where to keep your eyes you're gonna miss a lot of lifts. Just lift the damn weight, your eyes will take care of themselves. Focus on staying tight and pressing.


I went through the same thing with IPF, but also prefer my head flat against the bench now, with my chin tucked. I feel I can drive my traps tighter into the bench that way. I still somewhat follow the bar with my eyes (NOT my head), but really, overthinking shit like this is what phases guys out.


Have had to go without my contact lenses for 2 weeks due to a scratched cornea and don't wear my glasses when I lift. My eyes haven't focused on crap in those 2 weeks. Haven't really noticed any sort of training impact.

Might not be the biggest deal in the world TC.