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Bench Press/Flye

An experienced lifter (with a massive chest) gave me a tip in the gym today on how to add some variation to a chest workout. He described an exercise to me:
-incline dumbbell bench
-at lockout let the hands drift apart for a while before allowing the elbows to bend
-press the weight back up from a what would be a wide grip

Has anybody else heard about or used this exercise?

Sounds like a Jerry Telle Fly Away on an incline instead of flat.


What you are doing here is just confusing your muscles. By letting your arms drift out it causes stabilizers to act.

It’s just a little variation that keeps your muscles guessing. Be careful getting the hang of it the first time or two.

Thanks very much guys.

Kai Zen: you must have a special memory lol. I have to admit that I had no idea who Jerry Telle was before I read that article - maybe I should spend some more time in the archives!